Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hart peace

It looks like it's been almost one full year since I last made an a blog entry here. I stopped blogging for several reasons, and then there were some that came upon me I wasn't aware were on the road ahead when I stopped. I think I've decided to just ease back into the part of this that I liked- which is chronicling this beautiful season in life for us and those that will come after, years from now when time moves past the line that I am filling now. I'm not really going to attempt to formally and fully fill in the gap from the last year, but I expect that will happen in time, in my layered way of telling something from several different vantage points. The very first time I considered blogging I thought of all the reasons I didn't think blogging was wise, and a million more why I really didn't think reading blogs were wise. But, on different terms I am going to embrace the part of it that fits me. I am disabling comments as I'm really not writing for anyone else other than my family or the anonymous person. I don't want to think about what people think of it. I don't want to build a "community." I'm not really into communities- that's not me. And I'm wonderfully at peace with that, and not needing anyone else to be. So I have a lot more stories to tell, of our happenings around here... and of all the things my spirit radar picks up in the quiet. I do hope that it blesses you...especially if you are my grand or great grand or even grander down the line child. You've all been in my heart through all of the hard things somehow, and I think of you when I am courageous enough to sow love.