Sunday, June 30, 2013

Berry Picking and Berry Cobbler on a Sunday, 6/30/2013

Sweet, sweet happiness, would you look at that!
Our Sunday started out well- with cinnamon french toast and bananas topped with butter and maple syrup all prepared by one Cory Hart. Then we chatted about the topic of church. It seems Cory has found a group in Richmond that is somewhat unique, so we had a good theological review of why we were sitting on the couch with bedhead and socks instead of trotting off to a "place of worship." Then the topic turned to our land, and we had a grand old time pulling out the plat and google-earth pic... then Cory overlaid them AND the topography chart of the property we got from the local cooperative extension service and we made some further decisions about clearing for pasture---- a critical topic since we are now out of pork and beef from the cows we butchered over a year ago. As that led to the improved state of our grass in the north field we decided to meander up and look at it closely... Low and behold we find a GInormous berry patch that just sprung up on its own and fruited like crazy ripe with blackberries.
The first summer we were here we picked a handful or two; last year we got a small bowl full... this year- on the patch we weren't tending, we got this many:
I was going to take a picture of the cobbler with ice cream next to it; but since everyone tore into it like piranhas, the picture, and my Buckingham Palace etiquette lesson, will have to wait for another day. June is over and lightning bugs are out... another week closes and another begins. I think I will be catching up on some old stuff on here- backstory fill in stuff. Yep.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013- fruit trees and bushhogging

It's Memorial Day. Things have started to get overgrown around here and I asked Cory to bushhog some areas while I attempted to hack through the growth that has infiltrated the berry bushes I so carefully weeded, gosh, I guess it's been 2 or 3 springs ago... I'd have to check my old posts. In any case we found another fruit tree! Actually a set of several. One is quite large. Apple? Likely. I got some good pictures today. Today was my favorite kind of day. If I am outside working on the land, I feel more fully alive than during most any other thing. When all of us are out there being and doing, it is even better. The world can make you feel discontent in so many ways, but on days like today, not so. Not so at all. I've been thinking about blogging again. Here's to the first in a long while. We'll see where it goes from here.