Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sam Cam

Working Vacation- part 3

Last summer you may remember we found a berry patch but it didn't produce a lot...which could have been due to the drought. While Cory was working under the house, I pruned and cleared out a mangled scratchy mess and turned it into a workable berry patch- I hope they are blackberries but I don't know yet.I must have cut 2/3 of it out and used the old crate sides from the pallet trip for structure. Each vine is tied with baling twine to a fence.
(You may notice there are two hot tubs in the field in the background. Just ignore them. We do.)

I also cleared out a number of things from the climbing roses going to the garden and used more of the crate pieces to make two rose trellises. Between the berry and rose vines I have been scratched and stabbed more times than you would believe if I told you. I still have a few pieces embedded in my hands and yes I was wearing gloves.

This was an old fence piece we picked up from a church that was being thrown out. I used it for the roses out front- it is treated wood in sound structural shape and was headed for the landfill.

Next, I got Sam's floor sanded, painted and coated:

[Special Note:I used Mythic paint- the only paint on the market that is 100% VOC and 100% non-toxic. (VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds- nasty things you breath for years from regular paint and all sorts of finishes on housing materials- bad stuff)].

Unfortunately, I forgot to prime it and now there are some weird discoloration spots. Am I going to sand it all off and do it again- uh no. That is why they invented the rug.

We also needed a door. I found this one at Restore for $35. It will replace the one behind it which will go on the new bathroom.

In the midst of all these projects I still needed to cook,

we had to keep up with the farm chores (the kids help a lot),

and make supply runs. We also paused to have birthday cake for Cory's birthday. He just gets better every year, ladies and gentlemen. What you see on his face is not allowed when he is at work so I only get to see it during vacations. This pic was early on but he grew it out further......then had to shave it off when he went back. I should complain to the union or something.

That about does it except for explaining the redesign, which I will do another time.
It was a good two weeks.

This week progress crept along slowly since Cory was back at work, so I might as well throw all of that in here:

I got Quinn's room painted- hadn't taken a before and after yet.

Piggy and I have been cleaning up around the garden boxes.I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but the area toward the back is all rooted up.

He is an excellent plow.

I didn't get the garden planted yet- weird weather, then the truck broke down yesterday while I was on my grocery trip- overheated several times but I managed to get water in it and get it home. Alas, instead of our Easter dinner plans with friends, Cory spent the day like this:

replacing the water pump.

Other than that we have just been watching things bloom around here. There are green berries forming on the berry vines

flowers on the strawberries that made it from last year,

flowers popping up everywhere,

leaves unfolding on all the trees, and even our little apple tree that we planted and cut down to a 2 foot stick in March showed off a leaf.

Baby steps.