Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zealotry and lip gloss leads to farming

I should talk about farm stuff but that doesn't really make sense until I talk about how we got to that. It all started because I was tired- like my whole life. Seriously. I just thought I wasn't a morning person. When I joined the military one of my teachers said, "How are you going to be in the military? You have to get up in the morning. It's the military." It was years until I found out I was anemic- low iron in my blood. Oh, okay! So I'm not just undisciplined- that's good to know.

I wish I could say the next day I became the billboard of health but life is all tangled up in many ways. We are fearfully and wonderfully made- and in my mind that involves complexities- nothing isolated, you know? It took a lot to even get to the point where I had the time to read about health. Then I did. And then I became a zealot. I love zealotry. It's one of my favorite things, so let's talk about that next.

The word zealot is used commonly to refer to someone who has an extreme position in an area. It has a historical background involving people that were serious about their spiritual beliefs. Okay, so far, I'm with them. They were also militant. Okay, I love them. But what does militancy have to do with food?

It all started with that ridiculous show, Charlie's Angels. All my friends growing up wanted to be Barbie with her manicure and pink convertible; but not me. Oh no. I wanted to be attractive (lip gloss and all), but I also wanted to know how to do everything and pack a pistol (there's your militant seed). Don't Charlie's Angels represent the best of both worlds that so many of us are torn between? We want to be smart and capable but also feminine. I agree there were some components missing which is why I was drawn to Martha Stewart: baking, decorating, and entrepreneurship. If Martha Stewart were a christian Charlie's Angel that also became a nurturing and wise mother, she would epitomize my life goals. Let's be thorough if we're going to be zealous, shall we?

When I began learning about how amazingly healing the right foods can be, you guessed it- food zealot. I wanted to give our family the best I could and started transitioning all of our food over to the good stuff. Well sweet mercy, I know what you are saying... I'm not made of money either. We started thinking maybe we could grow some of our own since this is our first spring and we do have our own patch of land now...

So! We are finally getting to what possessed us to actually buy two cows and some chickens. But because the complete motivation behind that involves more militancy and, therefore, zealotry, we shall have to discuss that in our next post. Militant cow decisions coming up next- mark it on your calendar.

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