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Nutrition and health part 1

I just sent these notes to a friend and decided to post them here. I quickly typed these up about two years ago (so forgive the errors), but they were the compilation of what I learned from multiple books. I hope you benefit in some way from them:

#1 Rule: If it was made in, modified in, or sprayed with something made in a lab, don’t:
Eat it, drink it, breathe it, cook on it, clean with it, drink out of it, or rub it on your skin (especially under your arms).

2. Cleaners: Basic H from Shaklee for cleaning. One bottle makes a gazillion cleaning bottles (it’s concentrated) and the stuff works for just about everything. The bottle lasts forever. Also, vinegar, peroxide, and baking soda are inexpensive ways to clean most anything. Good detergents for the dishwasher and washer are expensive, but there are easy recipes to make your own on the internet if you have the time.

3.Lotions, shampoos, cosmetics (especially kids products like baby soap!): look for paraben free (parabens are a synthetic estrogen and are in almost all commercial toiletry products as a preservative!) and lauryl/laureth sulfate free(linked with cancer). Burts Bee’s website has some additional stuff that they say they will never put in their products (and I think they list why- but I don’t remember them all). I know anything that says PEG and then a number is bad… There are a lot of alternative options for things like sunblock and bug spray if you look them up.

4.Replace Shortening with coconut oil or butter in recipes. I use Spectrum Expeller Pressed Organic Coconut Oil. They sell it at Food Lion. This stuff can be heated and used as a liquid oil too.

5.Replace any margarines, other sprays with butter (good quality butter is very good for you and I have been eating plenty of it while losing weight) or olive oil. There are other oils that are okay but I stick mostly with these 2 for everything.

6.Stevia is an awesome sweetener that is an herb. It has no calories and is literally the dried herb ground up. It works great in ice tea (it’s an acquired taste- give it a chance for your taste buds to adjust) and can be used in recipes in place of sugar where there’s small amounts. In recipes where there is a big volume of sugar which adds bulk to what you are making, it won’t work as a substitute (at least not totally- you could try half stevia and sugar or another sweetener- discussed below). Note: Not all Stevia tastes the same- try different companies. I get the white powder from Trader Joes. Grocery stores are now marketing two products: Truvia and Purevia. I am leery about these. They have stevia in them, but one has dextrose (which is a form of sugar!) and the other one I remember reading something questionable on the label…

7.Buy organic absolutely as much as you can. This is a financial commitment, but when you read what they spray food with you will realize how incredibly bad the non-organic stuff is. I had to phase this as our budget allowed. If you have to pick and choose, remember that fruits and vegetable with thinner skin likely have more chemicals in them. Things with an outer peel that you take off before you eat probably are a little better (like bananas).

8.Sugar is poison. This is not an exaggeration. It not only jacks up your blood, your brain, your mood, your metabolism and your skin; it robs your body of the nutrients that you thought you got from the other food you ate. I use Stevia, real maple syrup, honey, and unbleached organic sugar in small amounts when needed.

9.Don’t eat fried stuff as a rule. There is a way to make all things breaded by baking it.

10.If it’s white, don’t eat it. White flour, rice, etc. What you want to avoid is bleached, processed stuff. You want whole grain as much as possible. This stuff is very bad- right under sugar in that regard. As a matter of fact, it turns to sugar rapidly after entering your body. Potatoes are ok because they do have nutrients and aren’t processed; but if you are dieting, you want to keep them to a minimum.

11.Don't begin embalming yourself while you are still alive. Preservatives preserve food, but they also preserve the fat in you. They make food last longer on the shelf by killing it and putting chemicals in so it won’t rot. They do the same stuff in you.

12. Artificial anything: dye, color, flavors should be avoided. They’re chemicals. All chemicals mess with your brain and constantly more and more research is showing the overwhelming links to cancer and other diseases.

13. Water: filter for drinking (see NT book). I have a good well so I haven’t gotten a purifier yet. If you have city water you might want to also get a shower filter as you are bathing in chlorine. You know, the stuff that kills everything…. pouring over your skin that absorbs stuff so easily..

14.Meat: you want organic, free range, that is pesticide and hormone free (Poly Face Farms has good info and books). You want to get dairy products and eggs from these animals.

15.Herbs (they sell organic ones now) are awesome for flavor. Learn to cook with them. They have all kinds of healing and health benefits too!

16.Avoid MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). It’s in a LOT of spices. Jacks up your brain too.

17.Plastic leaches into liquid. Glass bottles are always best. This is even more of a big deal as it relates to temp. You don’t want to make ice tea in a plastic picture. The more I read the more I avoid plastic baggies and saran wrap too. I just flip a saucer upside down and cover most of my stuff. You wouldn’t want to drink water from a plastic bottle after it has gotten warm- but who knows how hot it got in transport?... find a good water bottle- glass or stainless steel- and use that.

18.Microwaves are bad. Good stoneware plates can heat up in the oven. Food designed to be microwaved is usually total garbage.

19.Pans- Use stainless steel, glass, stoneware, or cast iron. They coated stuff is very bad and aluminum is terrible.

20.Certain Fats are good (they talk about this a lot in the NT book) and needed by your body. I went back to full fat milk and yogurt and lots of butter!

21.Purify what you like- take recipes and switch out the bad ingredients for good replacements. This has worked well for me in a lot of instances.

22.Buy toothpaste without fluoride.

23. Water- you need it, drink plenty. It’s better without ice for digestive reasons. It’s better not to drink any or much with meals (it dilutes your digestive juices).

24.Avoid Soy- it causes reproductive harm!

25.Avoid Protein Powders/shakes/bars- bad. Exceptions: energy bar at Trader Joes: Greens Chocolate bar uses awesome real food ingredients. Cory uses these. Another exception that I’ve found is Jay Robb’s stuff. I am using his egg white protein right now. The chocolate kind mixes up in milk to make chocolate milk.

26.Cell phones can cause cancer. There’s plenty of research out there showing this. Use caution.

27.Shoe inserts are wonderful things. I got cheap ones at walmart but one day want to go to the “Good Feet” store where they will make you a custom one.

More in depth topics that are important to research and understand:

Thyroid Sugar Adrenal connection (adrenal exhaustion. Thyroid problems, diabetes)
Gut: flora balance
Yeast (and yogurt)
Blood panels and muscle testing
Resetting your Hypothalmus and appetite
Resetting your taste buds
Brain/ Gut connection
Food, herb, chemical affects on behavior/mood
Period as indicator
Pharmaceutical and food companies
To the extreme in a good way:
Grains: Sprouted
Dairy: Raw
Meat: grass fed only
Veggies: fermented

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