Thursday, January 27, 2011

My alternate ending- Church Part 5

You know, I didn't end that well. I said it would be edifying, but- I agree with my friend- it's evident I am cynical. I am, in fact, very cynical about the 'church.' But that is not who I wanted to leave you with.

My belief about church isn't, in the final analysis, about missionaries or even orphans. The root of what I believe is what I want to leave you with...

I'm in love.

I could study all about what a church should look like from the greatest scholars in the land, but anything I find wouldn't be worthy to draw my attention away from Him. There is a guy that wrote some books that probably detail in full researched measure a very close idea of what I think The Church should be, but I don't really care enough to read them. That's the truth. I bought one and I didn't even read the whole thing. It doesn't matter that much to me. There are thousands of men scurrying around working every formula under the sun to try and get that right.

I run across other people, though- in a church, out of a church, it doesn't matter- and in a weird way I recognize them. I can see in their eyes that they have the same Love. They have a certain countenance, like something really deep inside of them has been filled by someone they want to get back to as soon as they can.

Nothing seems to be missing in them and I don't feel like anything is missing in me. When I can be with people like that it is always good because we get to talk about our Love. And that is the only thing that seems to be essential aside from telling people who don't have our Love that they can, and what it does to you when you do.

Whenever conversations come up about The Church, faces change. A lot is brought to the surface that came from man's mess. I am not saying to let man continue messing up the bride, I AM saying God will not let man keep messing up the bride. I can't fix her and it is not my job. It's His job. I really believe that. My job is to keep my eyes fixed on my Love...and that's easy to do... He made it easy for us. My Love is good that way.... I'll see ya'll later...


  1. Now that's interesting...I didn't find your previous posts cynical. Perhaps because I am? But really I'm not near as much as I used to be and hardly think I am at all right now...anyway, that doesn't matter...still appreciate what you wrote.

    I read a fantastic book on tithing by Narramore called, "Tithing: Low-Realm, Obsolete, & Dysfunctional" - was an incredibly life-altering read!

  2. Cynicism is a good thing in reasonable won't easily fall into error. This post was beautiful though. Your love shows throughout it and you show evidence of that deep, settle peace that comes from walking with Christ.