Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cow wipes needed

Good news, people. The chickens didn't cross the road this morning. I opened the door in the other direction and they ran that way instead. It seems they are just so glad to get to run and flap first thing in the morning that if you open the door toward the road they are going to invariably cross it just out of freedom glee. I have solved an age old mystery. Surely, I have arrived.

A few years back at 9:30 on a Monday morning I would have invariably been in a Monday morning meeting. I would have gotten up way earlier, put on those evil things called pantyhose; loaded my heavy laptop in one arm and a kid in another and dropped them off at some brightly decorated institution so I could sit in traffic at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel and begin my day's mental work: how to stop that madness. Then I would get to work and eat a pack of cookies out of the vending machine (that's healthy) and go to the meeting in the conference room.

This morning I was standing in a field with a giant bottle feeding Buttercup...

Then she pulls on the nipple so hard it comes out of the bottle and sloshes 2 pints of milk onto her face. Surprise cow! They aren't attached permanently. So I get over the fence quickly to go make another batch while she frantically tries to find something on me resembling the milk source.... but then I pause.

I can't leave her here, or that milk will dry all over her face... and unlike for my children, I have no baby wipes handy. So I picked up the hose and sprayed her right in the face. I think I broke the cow-calf bond, in case you were wondering, in that very moment.

I have several goals today: 1.)read with my kids and teach them something 2.)fold the laundry pile that has been on the couch for 2 weeks. 3.)reconsider a business opportunity that has come up 4.) work on the business I already have been developing.

I hope you enjoy your family today and take a few steps toward your goals too.

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