Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cinderella, meet Tony

Wash the dishes Cinderelly, clean the floor Cinderelly. I was thinking of that a minute ago as I was cleaning out the bottom of my trash can on my anniversary while dear husband slaves away at another day of work. That movie was a total scam. You don't get rescued from cleaning then get married then get dressed up all prettily... You get dressed up all prettily, get married, and then begin a life of cleaning! Walt Disney collaborated with men across the country to perpetuate the first scenario's myth so women wouldn't stop marrying all together, I am sure of it.

My mom will tell you- we have it easy these days. She washed cloth diapers out by hand and never owned a dishwasher. Yes, compared to my mom, I am a wimp of a housewife. Actually, compared to most anyone, I am a wimp of a housewife. I don't understand how you can move on to anything significant when you just have to keep doing the same thing over and over and over. Tony Robbins never gives motivational speeches on housework. He wouldn't know what to say. It's the one thing that would make him speechless. What can he say? "If you are really successful at meeting this goal you will get to do it all over again tomorrow." You're not going to move a lot of motivational books with that message, and Tony knows it.

Mary might have been doing what was more prudent than Martha in the bible, but can we then conclude that Mary lived in a pigsty and Martha should too if she wanted to have more time to spend with God? This is my conclusion though I am sure the old consortium of men at bible seminary (referring to their Disney notes) never teach this. They want their wives to be Mary and Marthas- Marthys.... which bears a very close resemblance to the word martyr, doesn't it?

Well! I made a decision today. I am going to hire a maid. Some way. Some how. Some time. I've got things to do in life and cleaning out trash cans in Marthydom is not getting me there.

If you don't believe hiring a maid is biblical, may I refer you to Proverbs 31- the infamous wonderful wife chapter of the bible? The chick had servants and lots of them. How can she consider a field and buy it and with her profit plant a vineyard if her dishes are stacked up? That's all I'm saying.

ANd now that I really think about it, Tony would say to get a maid too... which is probably why he has moved so many books. So, thank you Mr. Robbins. I'll take that advice. NOW! I just need to figure out how to incorporate it into the Dave Ramsey guidelines. I shall have to think about that over sweeping.

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