Saturday, June 5, 2010

Seeds in compost and toilets in Eden

I have never gardened in my entire life so today was a big day to me- we finally got our seeds planted. I've planted a few flowers in the front of houses before but there is something totally different about planting food and herbs from seeds- it makes you feel strong to sow something. It also makes you feel worshipful, because when you see those tiny seeds you know something amazing has to happen to turn them into the things they are supposed to be. Every little one you place in the ground reminds you that before credit cards and governments, it was just a person standing before the Lord...and with every little seed dropped in and covered up, I imagine that person said in their heart, "I trust you. I trust you. I trust you." Me too. I said it in my heart too.

As a brand new gardener, I was well advised by two friends to read Square Foot Gardening, a book describing how to use raised beds with an ideal soil mix to maximize your space and success. The boxes had to be constructed, painted, positioned on a weeded and cleared spot, aligned, leveled, then stapled with weed cloth on the bottom. So before we even touched dirt, there was a lot of work involved. Kids love to do real things with their hands. They were so excited to plant that I can only imagine what it will be like for them to harvest. The big boast of this method is that after your initial set up and cost, there is so little to do that it really is a joy year after year. I like that. Being my zealot self, I ignored the author's admonition to start small, because we really do want to grow as much of what we eat as we can. We put 5 boxes out front to try to help with our bizarre landscaping layout, and four in the actual garden area to the side of the house. Right now (aside from the strawberry transplants) it isn't much to look at- dirt in a box. But soon, very soon I hope, something will burst its little sprout up!

Tomorrow I need to plant the pumpkins and watermelon in a patch somewhere if I can get to it after addressing some other issues. This evening the cows got out, I tripped over the fence, shocked myself and re-injured the wrist I've been re-injuring for a couple of weeks now. Last week the neighbors' dog attacked one of our chickens. Tonight Cory's vehicle stopped working on the way home. Our truck needs tires and now a $800- $1200 repair. I say all that to let you know, that we aren't in Eden- be grateful for all of your own unique blessings- like properly flushing toilets. (If there is a plumber out there, give us a call).


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