Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Roosters. I don't recommend them. As I've mentioned, this term "animal husbandry" was a polite way of addressing what animals do in their bedroom, or on your front yard, as it stands. I don't like to know about these things and I sure as heck don't want to witness them when they become strange. My rooster has decided that the five female ducks are more attractive to him than his two hens, and he has been attacking them. I don't particularly enjoy, run-out-and-shoo-the-rooster-off-the-duck patrol. As if I don't have enough to do.

I say rooster needs to lose his head. Cory says we need a rooster if society goes awry so that he can fertilize some eggs to hatch and replenish our flock. Me: You think it will be so bad we can't find a rooster? Cory: We're not getting rid of the rooster. Me: Okay I am starting to think we are a little bit out there like everyone else thinks. Cory: We're not getting rid of the rooster.

I hate arguments with him. You can't get him to stop saying the same thing over and over unless you splash water in his face. I don't recommend this. In summary, I don't recommend roosters and I don't recommend splashing water in your husband's face. If you do the first, you may have to do the second so just don't get a rooster. Unless you don't have ducks. Then it might be okay. But slapping and splashing are still out.

I should have realized the thing was going to be getting frisky soon because he obviously just went through puberty. He started trying to crow and just got out one scratchy syllable. Over the last several weeks he's added one syllable at a time, and volume, until he finally reached a full cocka-doodle-doo. So, every morning, instead of just my neighbors' co-dependent insomniac roosters' crowing (there's one on each side), there are now three. We call it the A.M. crow-off, though it happens randomly throughout the day too.

Other than that, I am sharing some pictures from our last week or so. We harvested our first basil...the boys found a frog and a bluejay's nest with babies that were almost ready to fly, judging from their feathers. Cory cut down a dying. leaning tree and chopped it up for firewood after replacing the chainsaw blade. Fall is now just around the corner and I am wondering how that is even possible.

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